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I thought I would put together a list of some of my favourite resources, blogs, news sites etc on the rest of the web to create a sticky post of different places that for one reason or another I find useful…

I intend to keep this up-to-date as I find new sites I like – and would welcome any suggestions of other great (or not-so-great!) places for parents online.

So, in no particular order:

The best – Scott Behson, a US professor whose work focusses on fatherhood issues, flexible working, and gender balance. Website is full of great res

Start 4 Life – very comprehensive info from the NHS that also has an excellent, non-patronising, useful section of info for dads. A rare treat. – tips, guides and info for stay-at-home dads that are applicable enough to men who are involved at any level with raising their children. – really nicely designed, short, to-the-point articles and lots of good info. This is absolutely hilarious and an on-going source of reassurance that it’s not just us!

The rest – impartial, simple information presented clearly and well formatted. – produce an interesting daily email with updates on your baby’s size and a frighteningly accurate predictor of what your body will be doing this week (MTB seemed to get an email telling her this is the week nausea returns and is throwing up before she’d even clicked the link!). That said, most of the rest of the content is appalling, vomit-inducingly American (maybe that’s why MTB’s was chucking up?!), full of twee phrases for the baby and cutesy cutesy asides. Oh, and by about week 16 they clearly run out of fruit and veg that your baby is now the size of (head of lettuce, artichoke, pineapple?!). See also the surprisingly watchable film of the same name! ­– Not yet visited these guys but they run ‘daddy and baby’ groups in south London and Devon… shame about the nauseating name mind. Written by a dad who has spent six months blogging about his own extended paternity leave, which came to a conclusion just as I am starting mine.

The rot – This site does have a forum on it, but it seems pretty deserted (it’s no mumsnet let’s put it that way). The wider website seems to have a slightly alarming amount of articles about separation, child maintenance and legal battles – I hope I never need to turn to those sections! – Harsh but pretty much everything that is wrong with websites for Dads in one easy summary. Patronising, out of date and it looks like it comes from 1995. Incredible.

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