Selfie of the day – the last one

Do you remember the first time?*

* this is going to be my last Selfie of the Day with Eddy, as I’m going back to work tomorrow, and he begins nursery full-time.

Hence, today I tried to take a selfie that very consciously echoes our first ever one… But it turns out Eddy is a bit wriggler now than he was in March!

As you can imagine, I’m in bits about this, and feeling very sad about it… But also very happy that we have had an incredible six months together, very lucky that I’ve been able to take this opportunity, and very blessed to have the most amazing son.

I know he will thrive in nursery and it will help him develop… But it still feels very hard leaving him with near strangers to look after him, trusting them with something so utterly precious.

Anyway, these are the rambling thoughts of a tired, sad, happy idiot. I intend over the next week to formulate a clearer picture of my time away from work with Eddy and write a proper post about it all.

So for now, I’ll end by saying thank you to my company for letting me do this and being incredibly enabling about it; thank you to my amazing wife Katy for agreeing to go back to work early so that I could take advantage of this wonderful opportunity; and above all, thank you to Eddy for being the best company I could ever imagine over the past six months, for growing up and helping me grow up, for loving me unconditionally and being loved unconditionally, and for all the pooey nappies!

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